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An(dree)a likes to…

Posted on: March 18, 2009

Cum faci?
Intri pe google, si cauti “NumeleTau likes to” (cu tot cu ghilimele). Gasesti o gramada de site-uri in care exista fraza cautata. Le alegi pe primele 10. Le pui ca si comentariu la post-ul asta.

Noi am facut chestia asta pentru numele noastre….

1. Ana likes to talk about her friends
2. Ana likes to go out with friends, read, work out, and dance
3. Ana likes to lie
4. Ana likes to hit me in the face (WTF??? chiar am gasit asta…. :|)
5. Ana likes to treat her clients well, and considers them her friends.
6. Ana likes to sleep
7. Anna likes to work.
8. Anna likes to be needed, as well as to cherish and protect her loved ones, of whom she is somewhat possessive.
9. Anna likes to figure out her own way of doing things. (also TRUE!!)

1. Andrea likes to read and learn languages for fun; loves food from different cultures (sushi is the favorite!), likes playing tennis, likes shopping, likes spending time with family and friends. (90% TRUE… mai putin partea cu tenisul, desi vreau sa invat)
2. Andrea likes to dress up by wearing nice pant suits and high heels. (not really, mai ales partea cu tocurile inalte…)
3. Andrea likes to play sports, loves shopping and enjoys spending time with her family (who doesn’t??)
4. Andrea likes to talk all day long
5. Andrea likes to watch bad ’80s films and root on her favorite NBA team, the Lakers (huh?? de ce ai face asta??)
6. Andrea likes to chat with daddy on the computer (doar cand am timp :D)
7. Andrea likes to work with ideas of beauty, fashion, appearance-obsession, body, health and death, whether it be in the form of drawings, sculpture or even scent
8. Andrea likes to spend her extra time reading, bicycling, and going to the movies (multe Andrea sunt sportive… spre deosebire de mine)
9. Andrea likes to create challenging pieced quilts, play with color, and come up with her own original quilt designs (sau artiste… nu stiu cum am aparut eu)
10. Andrea likes to take pictures of herself in bathrooms (NOT!!!)


5 Responses to "An(dree)a likes to…"

1. Gaby likes to travel to the far ends of the earth to explore different cultures, jungles, coral reefs, tropical beaches and ancient temples.
2. Gaby likes to accompany you in Pawtucket (wtf?) to restaurants or dinner parties.
3. Gaby likes to dance.
4. Gaby likes to pop bubbles.
5. Gaby likes to dance on bars on the rare occasion she goes out and drinks.
6. Gaby likes to run.
7. Gaby likes to play mean games in Bendigo with her mean Lesbian girlfriend Loreen from Macedonia. (god!)
8. Gaby likes to read and write a lot.
9. Gaby likes to hurt poor innocent people, meaning me :P.
10. Gaby likes to stand up already and is started to form words such as “ma”, “da” and “mik”, for milk.

1. Delia likes to play soccer, listen and dance to all kinds of music.
2. Delia likes to sit in the most vocal, Lower Barclay stand, and she and Michael breathe affection for the supporters.(never heard of her :P)
3. Delia likes to make fishcakes with tinned salmon.
4. Delia likes to explore and play.(It’s a kitty)
5. Delia likes to observe human facial expressions and the body movement.
6. Delia likes to sleep in.
7. Delia likes to go shopping.
8. Delia likes to hide these things.
9. The “Delia Likes” section are particluar types of products that Delia likes to use and deems very useful to have in your kitchen.
10. Delia likes to pick flowers, tomatoes, and sugar snap peas.

Foarte tare chestia asta!!!

Sa vezi ce mi-a iesit mie:

1) Valentina likes to go to the movies
2) Valentina likes to visit Feng Jia shopping district
3) Valentina likes to kick and stretch after waking up.
4) Valentina likes to do it all
5) Valentina likes to paint and draw pictures.
6) Valentina likes to think of Balti as a fashionable city, and this reflects in the cloths which she sells.
7) Valentina likes to tease guys and will frequently go out in public with no bra or undies on. (NOT..)
8) Valentina likes to shoot.
9) Valentina likes to dress in singlet tops, skirts and more.
10) Valentina likes to go to Golden Corral where she likes to have vegetables, watermelon, ice cream, and Sprite.

1.Roberto likes to socialize and will use any excuse to celebrate with friends(hmm,nu chiar)
2.Roberto likes to talk about the holy man who, when assaulted by a street tough, loses all comport and risks killing out of confusion and out of lack of preparation for an intensely stressful scenario(lol?)
3.Roberto likes to warm up, train, practise and rest for three hours before performing which means he prefers not to travel the day before a show(se pare ca nu prea se nimeresc la mine 🙂
4.If he has time, Roberto likes to “surf” the internet about 30 minutes each night. (Sometimes he stays on a lot longer if he loses track of time!(desi cu asta m-a prins )
5.Roberto likes to run and ride his bike and also enjoys playing video games(ihi)
6.Roberto likes to wear Briefs, he admits that he is freaky in bed and that he loves to be on the bottom (grrr,I don’t know…)
7.Roberto likes to rest during off hours and is trying to talk to media in order to get ahead professionally
8.Roberto likes to throw and catch
9.Roberto likes to socialise online(cat de cat)
10.Roberto likes to play and wants to play every game(yup).

1. Lizzy likes craft.
2. Lizzy likes to jump.
3. Lizzy likes to sing.
4. Lizzy likes to express herself through rude stand-up comedy, rapping and singing songs. :))))))
5. Lizzy likes to pretend she’s a princess and talk to herself.( claar :D)
6. Likes to pick the crumbs off KFC chicken leg buckets.
7. Lizzy likes to design stuff and talk in third-person. ( nu recunosc nimic)
8. Lizzy likes to make faces. :O :))
9. Lizzy likes to dig. (Unde e lopata? )
10. Lizzy likes to say “hell”. HEEEEELLLL

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